Nemo Scheepvaart BV


A selection from our fleet

Willem Lourens

Willem Lourens

Type: push boat

ID number: 051

Construction year:1987



Tonnage: Duw capaciteit 10612 ton



Type: Cargo ship

ID number: 040

Construction year:1959



Tonnage: 1325T

About us

Nemo Scheepvaart has been founded in 2008 and is directed by Johan Verdoorn and based in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.

I was born and raised in shipping, gained years of experience; also as a shipping entrepreneur and have been working in the brokerage of sailing and floating equipment for more than 20 years. My knowledge of the technical side, the shipping areas and the economy, coupled with a correct valuation of market values, guarantee a realistic and safe negotiation.
Buying a new ship requires trust in the broker. We have the appropriate knowledge to assist you in both the purchase and sale of ships and have the experience in organizing overseas shipments and / or floating materials (Dutch and French). Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.